Hello my fellow human and divine being of the universe!

I am so honored and grateful that you are here. I am the most un-techy person I know, so  this site will probably always be under construction. I am here to write from my heart, and to communicate the energy of love through my words.

I am writing under an old pen name, Danny Skyfeather, that has been resurrected from the depths of my heart and soul. Being Skyfeather, I feel more free to soar with my words.

I write about dissolving the mind, body, and ego into the ocean of love within… about creating and sustaining aligned, clear, and life-affirming abundance… about Reiki and other energy healing techniques and modalities…about emotional healing and transformation. My main intention is to just be real, be myself, stay grounded, stay sincere, write my books, and offer them to the world.

Thank you for being here.


Danny Skyfeather

Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash